LIRP and QIML Abstracts at ISMRM 2019 – Montreal

We hope to see you in Montreal for ISMRM in May!

Monday – May 13, 2019

  • Annie Zhang, Poster, 13:45, Reducing T2-shinethrough effects in prostate diffusion-weighted imaging with Stimulated Echo imaging, Emerging Technologies in Body Imaging
  • Matthias Muehler, Poster, 13:45, 3D Stack-of-Stars Radial Imaging for Motion-Robust Free-Breathing Hepatobiliary Phase Imaging, Liver Fat, Iron, Perfusion & Function
  • Ruiyang Zhao, Poster, 13:45, A Quantitative MRI Phantom to Mimic the Simultaneous Presence of Fat, Iron, and Fibrosis, Liver Fat, Iron, Perfusion & Function
  • Annie Zhang, Poster, 14:45, Motion-Robust and Blood-Suppressed M1-Optimized Diffusion MR Imaging of the Liver, What Are We, Chopped Liver?
  • Nate Roberts, Poster, 14:45, B0 and B1 Inhomogeneities in the Liver at 1.5T and 3.0T, What Are We, Chopped Liver?

Wednesday – May 15, 2019

  • Annie Zhang, Poster, 08:15, Motion-Robust and Distortion-Corrected Diffusion MR Imaging of the Liver with Optimized Motion-Compensated Waveforms and Multi-shot EPI acquisition, Diffusion MRI: Diffusion Gradient Waveform Design & Optimization
  • Ruiqi Geng, Talk, 08:15, Toward high-SNR, motion-robust diffusion MRI of the liver using optimized gradient waveforms, non-gated free-breathing acquisitions, and motion-corrected averaging, Diffusion MRI: Acquisition & Reconstruction
  • Annie Zhang, Talk, 15:45, Simultaneous T1, T2 and ADC Mapping in Prostate Cancer and BPH using STimulated-Echo based Mapping (STEM), Prostate MR: Bench to Bedside

Thursday – May 16, 2019

  • Nate Roberts, Poster, 08:15, Performance comparison of channel combination methods for multi-echo chemical shift-encoded MRI, Robust & Reproducible Quantificaiton
  • Nate Roberts, Poster, 09:15, Simultaneous B1- and Fat-Corrected T1 Mapping Using Chemical-Shift Encoded MRI, Improving Definition & Reducing Artifacts
  • Ruiyang Zhao, Talk, 13:45, Motion-Robust, High-SNR Fat Quantification using a Variable Flip Angle Approach, Liver
  • Ante Zhu, Poster, 14:45, Characterization of Bias in Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping with Anisotropic Imaging Resolution: Studies in a Numerical Phantom, 3D Printed Liver Phantom, and In Vivo Patient Scans, QSM