ISMRM Workshop on MRI of Obesity & Metabolic Disorders


Magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy have become widely used to quantify not only fat accumulation in adipose tissue depots, organs, and muscles, but also the molecular substrates, products, and dynamic rates of metabolism and biochemical pathways. As a follow-up to the 2012 ISMRM workshop held in Long Beach, California, on water-fat MRI, the purpose of this proposed workshop is to bring together and reunite internationally recognized scientists and clinicians who are currently developing and applying advanced MRI and MRS techniques to investigate the causes and consequences of obesity and metabolic dysfunctions.


Upon completion of this activity, participants should be able to:
• Identify the basic mechanisms of insulin signaling pathways that drive insulin resistance/energy balance and body composition;
• Describe the current state of magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy methods for assessing obesity and metabolic disorders, including
applications in body adiposity, organ fat, and muscle fat;
• List recent advances in MRI and MRS technology, including water-fat MRI and X-nuclei methods, for studying obesity and metabolic disorders;
• Describe the imaging applications and of obesity and metabolic disorders in fetal, pediatric, and adult populations;
• Summarize the current multi-parametric imaging of white and brown adipose tissue; and much more.


The program will be designed for both senior investigators and junior scientists. The organizing committee will also emphasize attendance by student members of ISMRM and engage the Asian research community.

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