Congratulations Dr. Nathan Roberts!

Congratulations to Nate for successfully defending his PhD dissertation titled Improving the Accuracy and Precision of Quantitative MRI in the Liver! Nate is off to join GE where he’ll continue to work on novel MRI methods.


Here are a few of the already published papers based on work in Nate’s dissertation:

Roberts NT, Hernando D, Panagiotopoulos N and Reeder SB. Addressing concomitant gradient phase errors in time-interleaved chemical shift-encoded MRI fat fraction and R2* mapping with a pass-specific phase fitting method. Magnetic resonance in medicine. 2022 February DOI PMID

Roberts NT, Hinshaw LA, Colgan TJ, Ii T, Hernando D and Reeder SB. B0 and B 1 inhomogeneities in the liver at 1.5 T and 3.0 T. Magnetic resonance in medicine. 2020 October DOI PMID

Roberts NT, Hernando D, Holmes JH, Wiens CN and Reeder SB. Noise properties of proton density fat fraction estimated using chemical shift–encoded MRI. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 2018 January;80(2):685-695. DOI PMID